Don Goyo is playing loud!!! Popocatepetl Mexico´s Volcano

A friend of mine shared me this curated, small but impressive collection of “El popo” images of our Volcano.

The popular believe is that inside the volcano, lives Don Goyo (Mr Goyo) and from time to time he gets angry, and plays loud and profound earth roarings ’cause of the natures misusage and shows up his unconformity shaking up a little to remind us, he watching us to behave.

By this images, I´’m sure Don Goyo has sulfuric madness exposing his raising anger into the sky.

Is México city any different after this exaltations?, hell no!. It is believed that Mexico can upfront anything because it has mexicans who can and will overpass any situation.

As beautiful as this images seems, Mexico needs greater shakings in their inner being to really be transformed. We all love Mexico, and we all dislike some many things about it. 

Mexico will change with or without us.