Bauhaus has always blown my mind, now 9 of their main books are available to download. ᔥ

Oh god! That is the only expression that came to my mind when I read the news about this collection being available. I followed the link and could download them. What a gem, the quality is amazing and having them at hand, wow. This set of books (Screen at hand) has definitely expanded my design library, but on top, has given me the opportunity to re-study this amazing designer. A must for some of us that breathe design.

Visit the original link at:

The following nine PDFs are linked from the Bibliothèque Kandinsky which published them online on an unknown date (follow this link to explore the respective entries on its website). This is an important milestone in the digitalization of essential buthard-to-get art publications for the public use and we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation. ❤ ! The whole set of these high-quality digital facsimiles is about 1 GB large, if anyone feels like starting a torrent to relieve bandwidth of the library let us know and we’ll include your link here. (17 Aug 2014). Update: you can now download the whole set in a single ZIP file  from here. Thanks to Gabriel Benderski. (29 Aug 2014)

Wish you the best.

#idocare #fedehndz

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