Federico Hernández Ruiz | Consultant, Designer, Photographer and Visual Artist

I will help you as Catalyst for positive change, opening new possibilities through novel ideas.

– Federico helps you generate positive change, well-being and delight through inspired, surprising and disruptive ideas that lead to new potentialities.

  • Owner and co-founder of asimetagraf which provides Marketing and branding Consulting and Co-Founder of Tracción Comercial which provides commercial process consultancy.

Artist, Photographer, Designer &  Consultant

Identity driven

I am identity passionate, either as a concept, a philosophical encounter, an expression or characteristic shared by all, personas groups, societies, entities, brands and products. I’m passionate to discover its expressions and find what triggers the best of each.


I’m driven to amplify strengths instead of repairing weaknesses.

As a designer I approach challenges with a Natural Hybrid & Holistic approach always raised from a specific curiosity moment. I enjoy the ability to collaborate across multi functional boundaries and enroll in multiple team functions with Proactive and Influential leadership.

3 pillars hold my life:

  1. Who Am I
  2. What I’m capable of
  3. For what purpose.

All three come together in my persona, my family, my partnership, work and community. All together in a mix of activities that interweave with each another.


I’m committed with my clients to contribute to their success by discovering their opportunities, either by positive change or by opening new possibilities through novel ideas or through discoveries within their actual identity. Always promoting team work in an open culture with clear rolls and responsibilities.


My expertise areas of expertise for the last years are in business Strategic Consultancy, Marketing, Innovation, Trade Marketing and design ( Brand, branding, packaging and in-store or retail design), working for multi-national companies such as Kimberly-Clark, Heinz, Bimbo, Kellogg, Walmart, Dawn, as well as national ones like: Grupo Pando, La perla, synBios among others. My collaboration is based in Design thinking methodologies enriched by an emotional fitness and awareness for constant development. Expert on Brand, branding, packaging and in-store retail design.


Specialized in FCG and community development.


Major in Graphic design, courses on Managerial economics, Printing process, Color management, Product development, Innovation, Design Thinking and how to Scale up businesses.


  • By Drawing I have contact with myself
  • By taking Photographs I can sense and discover the other
  • By Designing I am as curious as I can, resulting in design opportunities that attend and resolve problems.
  • By Consulting I can act and take part on the strategic dialogue, the main place where will, ideas and vision come together for a better being.
  • By having an active community participation, I can share and build with others
  • By being conscious, I know this is only the starting point.
  • By having a partner, I can listen and acknowledge the many differences there are and why are needed. All resulting in a sharing process able to build, to encourage, to learn, to nurture, and to recognize all the possibilities without loosing the sense of reality.
  • By being a parent, I can understand my humanity in some many layers, with so many paths full of love and respect for their individuality and personal journeys

Consultant Partner at:

asimetagraf   •  A branding and Marketing agency dedicated to promote sales and usage of products, services and brands by creating or recreating their identities and telling their stories  www.asimetagraf.com







YouTube: ¿Qué significa dar una identidad estratégica a la empresa?


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Contact us and let’s talk how we can help you.

En asimetagraf nos dedicamos a promover la venta y el consumo creando y recreando identidades y contando sus historias.

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