David Berman Communications – sustainable design thinking, accessibility, Web strategy, sustainability, keynote, training, communications consulting, marketing strategy, communication design, information design, airport wayfinding, WCAG 2.0, CLF, new Web

David Berman will help you repeat your successes.

David B. Berman [improve Wikipedia] (author of Do Good Design) helps you responsibly identify then fulfill business objectives, through strategic consultation, communications design, facilitation, accessible design, Web strategy, training, and systems development. He shares knowledge and experience one-on-one or through keynote speeches and courses given around the World. Our team includes professionals delivering Web, Internet, and intranet site design, knowledge management, graphic design, information design and architecture, marketing, electronic publishing, IT support, wayfinding, environmental design, airport security signage and software programming.

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National Ethics Chair, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC).

Professional Member, Global Speakers Federation (GSF)

Great and talented. I do believe it too

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