Representing the First 4,000,000 Decimals of Pi in a Single Image – information aesthetics


Wow!!! What surprised me the most with this amazing image is the search tool to look up to six numbers on this extraordinary image.

For a moment to have in my own hands a visual proof of being in perfect harmony with the whole, with everything in this golden ratio is just incredible and amazing. (I’m adding a reinterpretation of this amazing image).


The online visualization titled “3.1415926535897932384626…” [] by design studio TWO-N represents the first 4,000,000 decimals of the number Pi within a single image.

Each unique digit of Pi corresponds to a specific color, and is rendered as a 1×1 pixel dot. The result is a long, random-looking pixel carpet image. Next to a dedicated slider that allows up/down scrolling through the resulting image, one can also search for the first occurrences of any specific decimal combination.

See also DNA Rainbow, which created similar pixel-based images by mapping the 4 base molecules of DNA to pixels in the colors red, green, blue and white.

Via @martinouellette.

Shared because I do care 4 | Federico

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