The 10 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012 (So Far)

The 10 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012 (So Far)


best 2012 infographicsintroductory3

Visual content has taken 2012 by storm, and leading the pack is the much beloved (and sometimes bemoaned) infographic. What on earth is an infographic, you ask?

Ha, just kidding. You know what infographics are! They’re this, and this, and this. But those are all so 2011. What has 2012 delivered marketers in the way of awesome infographics? This post has rounded up the best of the best — the ones that are chock full of information, excel at data visualization, and deliver brand new data to marketers. Take a look at our favorite marketing infographics so far in 2012!

Seriously Awesome 2012 Marketing Infographics

1) The Inbound Marketing Process From IMPACT Branding & Design

impactbnd inbound marketing process FINAL resized 600.jpg

2) 6-Step Cheat Sheet to the Facebook Business Page Timeline Design From HubSpot

Facebook Business Page Timeline Cheat Sheet

3) Social Networking Bill of Rights From Background Check

describe the image

4) How Social Media Links Help Email Marketing From GetResponse

infographic socialmedia 61 resized 600

5) How Mobile Is Being Used in 2012 From Milagro Mobile Marketing

2011 mobile statistics

6) Should You Hire or Contract Your Marketing Team? From Mavenlink

describe the image

7) The History of Marketing From HubSpot

the history of marketing HUBSPOT resized 600.jpg

8) How LinkedIn Works From Infographic Labs

how linkedin works resized 600

9) 2012 Social Media Marketing Report From World View Editing

2012 social media marketing report resized 600

10) Impact of Online Reviews From Marketing Tech Blog

online reviews resized 600


Who else has created amazing infographics this year?

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