The 2.0 Fontanera Font Versión is ready to be used!

That´s right, the 2.0 Fontanera Font is ready to deliver new Dingbats and Glyphs.



This version resolves some accents missing for spanish and while developing, I took the chance to make my version of glyphs that I do find very useful for todays requirements.

So Water, food, ecology, plants are some of the integrated glyphs on this type Font.

Even I’m not a profesional Typographer, I’m a designer with the purpose to share and create wealth in what ever expression it may be expressed, so go ahead try it and have fun with this hand drawn font and my so called special Glyphs and let me know your experience.

Click to download 🙂


Federico Hernandez-Ruiz  |  Sharing because I do care 4

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