Full of joy, full of emotions, I’m thankful for being among all of you.

Today seemed like any other day and at the same time seemed like no other. My son plays the guitar at the living room whith blender noise coming from the kitchen at the same time. my wife Marytere is tosting and crushing shrimps for the traditional “Romeritos” wraps. Today is december 31st; this year my kid became 15th, my doughter 7, Marytere my wife 41 and 45 myself. We have been married for 17 and 20 since we started dating. This 2013 will be our 13th year at Queretaro. Without a doubt all this years, months and days have accompanied us every moment. This year ends leaving us ready to begin a new one. We lived fiercely as live is, full of joy, hapiness, sadness, sorrows, angriness, reflexiveness, thoughts and peace, a lot of peace. I can share with you all that this year I’m emotionally more stable, Xmas season and being an adult was full of contradictory emotions, of confusing coexistence, with love, anger and patience… A full flux of emotions that anyone have lived. I can share with you all that this 2012 i learned a lot from all the people that for some reason gave me the opportunity peer, living, working and sharing. All became my live teachers and i became a willing student with a full commitment to learn and re-learn how to hear, watch without self distorting. Thank you all for the opportunity to grow together, for sharing the way I see, reflect and act. Thank you for peering this singular life in family, and community. Emiliano my son keeps playing the guitar, I can hear from the kitchen the steaming pan. The living room is filled with that unique scent of celebration meal that we all will share to receive this new year. The kids run inside out the house, aunts, cousins and siblings chat within any chance, the dogs run while Ptolomeo, my dog keeps being laid down and my daughter Valentina talks him softly, he got injured by a car, seems he will be ok but we have to keep observing as the vet suggested. Full of emotions, joy and happiness as well as worried for my dogs health, i’m life thankful for the opportunity to be with all of you. With all my heart I wish a delightful party to receive this new year. will see each other this 2013 to keep sharing.. life! Federico Hernandez Ruiz #asimetagraf #idocare4design #idocare4sharing #idc4s #idc4d #fedehndz #xmas #message #emotions #xmasemotions #federico

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