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Posted by Mark Babbitt on Sep 14, 2011 in Blog, Business, Job search, Leadership & Management, Professional & Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Talent & Professional Development Like it or not, many industries and recruiters are moving to a more “digital” job search – where paper doesn’t matter, and your online presence and awareness could mean the difference between getting an interview– and not. To help make you stand out as a high-class candidate to a recruiter, here are the 12 Most important resources available to you – many of them free – to make the “digital you” more appealing to recruiters and hiring managers… 1. Google Alerts Google Alerts allows you to set up a search specific to your name, industry, or the companies you’ve targeted in your job search. Each time new content is published regarding your search criteria, you’re notified via email – a great way to keep up with current events, and impress the interviewers. 2. Vizibility Ever want to customize how others may view you when they Google your name? Through your Vizibility account, you select the content you most want recruiters to see, and then provide a “Google Me!” link on your career collateral, cover letter, etc. 3. Linkedin Resume Creator With Linkedin’s Resume Creator, your Linkedin profile becomes your online resume – easily linkable on your blog, online portfolio or in your social media profiles. You choose a resume template, customize the content, and share. 4. JibberJobber JibberJobber allows job seekers to organize and manage the job search, develop and maintain professional relationships, track companies you’d like to work for, and track applications you’ve sent. One of our favorites, simply because it helps job seekers gain more control of their job search. 5. Twylah Like Twitter on steroids, Twylah helps showcase your online brand. Unlike basic twitter, where your tweets can be obsolete within a few minutes, your tweets on Twylah are captured and stored by topic, helping you show expertise in your career or your job search efforts, consistency on social media, and more. 6. Tweetdeck Another excellent tool for Twitter, Tweetdeck allows you to organize tweets from people you follow, and by direct messages, mentions of you by Twitter handle, as well as by Twitter hashtags (“#jobhuntchat” or “#hfchat”, for example) or by keywords (such as “career advice” or “social media). 7. Visualize.me Visualize.me enables you to turn your Linkedin profile into an infographic – and could be a difference maker for recruiters in many industries including social media, digital media and design as well as managers and leaders looking for a great way to display their career development. 8. About.me and Flavors.me About.me and Flavors.me are easy-to-use, customizable places to build a personal home page. These online landing pages can be a great way to show a potential employer that you’re not only online – but understand their desire to have a “one-stop shop” to find your online activity and social media sites. 9. Path.to A great way to show off your online profile in more detail – a step or two above About.me and perhaps much cooler than your basic Linkedin profile, is Path.to. The endorsement section and analytics tools makes this our favorite for those who feel “personal branding” is a major factor in their job search. 10. Carbonmade.com For job seekers in digital or creative fields such as web development, graphic design – and even budding architects, bloggers and stylists – an online portfolio is the next level in the personal landing page space, and is becoming a must have. Carbonmade leads the pack in creatively showing off your designs and projects – all in one linkable spot. 11. Salary.com One of the few old-school (or at least well-established) sites on this list, Salary.com quickly and easily shows you the salary range you should expect for your job title, geographic location, education, experience and much more. Before being asked your salary demands… check out Salary.com. 12. Glassdoor.com Glassdoor is a terrific site for anonymous, objective reviews on companies from the employee perspective. The site also features an amazing career blog, interview questions asked, job listings and – like Salary.com – tools to help you gain inside knowledge on the compensation you should expect. That’s our 12 Most important online resources for job seekers. What are yours? What are you using to establish a contemporary, professional online brand – and to get noticed in a sea of applicants? Photo courtesy of Scott Beale/The Laughing Squid. Used under creative commons license, some rights reserved.

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