To be true to yourself and a blessing to others regardless of who they are


Loved Krista Tippet interview to jonathan Sacks, from her podcast series at OnBeing. Some of the phrases that resounded most to me were:

MS. TIPPETT: One thing that I’m struck by in conversations I have with scientists — with neuroscientists, with clinical psychologists — first of all, is how science is now able to demonstrate biologically that it is when we are able to see the other, to see the welfare of the other, as somehow linked to our own, that we’re able to rise to these moral ideals.

RABBI SACKS: By being what only I can be. I give humanity what only I can give. It is my uniqueness that allows me to contribute something unique to the universal heritage of humankind.  To be true to your faith and a blessing to others regardless of their faith.

Here the links to the transcript and audio podcast.

Hear Jonathan Sacks — The Dignity of Difference, a playlist on #SoundCloud.

Illustration by: Federico Hernandez-Ruiz |

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