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I’m dedicated to amplify strengths instead of repairing weaknesses.

I’m dedicated to amplify strengths instead of repairing weaknesses. I do it with perseverance/grit, self control, willingness, social intelligence, immense gratitude and optimism.

With my partners I have developed a space that recognizes the importance of differences and team working, conceived to define challenges, choice creation, idea life ability and making happen possibilities.

I do and act with in this principles for companies and organizations, some times for products and brands, but Always always, I do it among friends.


Me dedico a amplificar las fortalezas en lugar de señalar las debilidades. Lo hago con perseverancia, auto control, mucho entusiasmo, con inteligencia social, inmensa gratitud y optimismo.

Junto con mis socios he creado un espacio de trabajo que reconoce las diferencias y la importancia del equipo; éste lugar está concebido para definir retos, crear opciones y dar vida a ideas y hacer crecer las posibilidades.

Lo que hago a veces es para empresas y organizaciones, otras son servicios, productos y marcas, pero siempre siempre es con amigos.



Back in the day (1991), while I was studying graphic design at the university, I found the 6th issue of beach culture’s magazine. I got astonished by this completely new approach and usage of typography. All the black and white spaces, all the typos sliced, cuted and still building a visual story… A whole new visual proposal was in front of me. I have never seen something like that.

A few day later I had one of my first brochure design requests and yes I was really influenced by it, for sure. All kind of questions raised, how they came up to that idea?, how composition works on such a free style?, how i can find joy in such an irreverent space?. I just loved the feeling and my posture was, Even I love it, I will not copy it. I will find my own personal expression.

Time passed by, I did continue my design practice which I still manage to do so, and experience started to show me all those big names of all those great designers that I knew only by the work they have made, and David Carson was no exception.

A couple of days ago with no reason at all and while I was working, I just stop, my ADHD appeared, I stood up, look for my Beach Culture magazine copy, opened the issue and lived that emotion again. That thrilling emotion that innovation delivers.

What made me stop and look for it is still a mystery, one od those special moment that only attention deficit can deliver but instead of looking for an answer, I got my iPhone and capture the pages that I do remember shocked me, a day after I started a 3 piece collage composition inspired on those images. So here they are to be shared to all of you. A glimpse moment, an influential moment of one of the most important change players in contemporary design. My personal tribute to David Carson’s number 6 issue of beach culture magazine* that amazed me by the first time.
Yes, it has been more than 20 years since I started to design and I do love that special emotion of discovery, of known influence, and of course of unconditioned creation.

Long life to the free spirit that may raise in all of us ’cause of so many talented people. Thank you all!

Federico Hernandez Ruiz
I do care 4 design.

To know the authentic work of David Carson’s work, visit:

 http://www.davidcarsondesign.com/ Thanks to Brain pickings blog and their new curator code proposal. Please visit: http://curatorscode.org/

And to vote on DvdCrsn work, go to: http://dvdcrsn.artistswanted.org/yr2011

*My creation upon this 3 piece collage has no intention other than to recognize David Carson’s work and influence in my life as designer.  It has no commercial intention other than to contribute to DC relevant work, worlds cultural development and the importance of great design contributions to society in so many ways, all farther than just the aesthetics.

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